1. Watching The Hobbit and discussing whether or not Thorin is a racist.

    I mean, basically, Dwarves are a displaced and oppressed people. Thorin isn’t racist towards Elves, because Middle Earth culture and power structures are geared towards reverence of Elves and Thorin’s hostility is a reaction to that. While Elrond may be polite to Thorin and feed him and translate his map, he still benefits from Elven Privilege and fails to acknowledge that or the systemic power structures that keep Dwarves marginalised.

    Gandalf is a dick, because rather than acknowledge Thorin’s oppression, he just bloviates at him, perpetuating stereotypes about Dwarven stubbornness. How about instead of telling Thorin he needs to respect the Elves and give them a chance, you acknowledge that he has a right to be angry? By invalidating his anger and gaslighting him, you are perpetuating the oppression, Gandalf.

    Or maybe I’m reading too much into this.

  2. 10 Slides is not enough. So many other things I wanted to talk about, like Sex-Repulsed and Sex-Positive Aces and everything in between.

    But in the end, I really wanted to give Aromanticism some visibility, and Demisexuals and Grey-As I thought rounded the thing out nicely by helping explain to people searching for their identity that asexuality need not be black and white.


  3. xinsa said: I love that you did a power point for asexuals and I was wondering if you can do one for Pansexuals if you haven't already. Please and thank you! :)

    I really think that Pansexuality needs more awareness, but as I’m not Pansexual, I don’t think it would be right for me to make one. I feel bad enough worrying people think I’m speaking for all Aces without risking speaking for a minority I’m not a part of.

  4. So, you may have noticed a lack of stick figures and pie charts on your dash lately. Thanks to my ill health, I need to move back to my hometown where there is family and better medical care.

    I’ve got a few powerpoints going on, and I’ll try to post a few from time to time, but all my inspiration lately is about chronic illness and I don’t want it to seem like that’s all there is to me.

    Plus, I’m in bed like 18 hours a day and preparing to move, so that doesn’t leave much time for amusing things to happen to me!!!

    If you can’t bear to live without my cynicism and enjoy the TV show Supernatural, I have another blog in which I spend my insomniac hours watching the show for the first time and live blogging about it:
    The Supernatural Superlive Superblog

    Other than that, watch this space for occasional Venn Diagrams and colour schemes that break your screen.

  5. That’s MAGIC LIGHTNING in the background, by the way. Cos this battle is so epic. And I made “pewpew” sounds while I was drawing it. Not sure why, when that’s not a sound lightning makes. Whatever.

    (I’m putting my money on Laverne. She’ll smash him)


  6. youre-cold-i-burnn said: God bless your power points

    Thankyou so much! I don’t even know what to say!


  7. Anonymous said: What I mean is I adore your PowerPoint presentation blog, and part of the reason I love it is because your occasional silly antics really amuse me.

    Thankyou for the follow up, anonymous fan!


  8. Anonymous said: I think your blog is incredibly dumb and I love it.

    I don’t know which blog this is directed at… Or how to feel about this!

  9. A Slideshow about TV, Expectations, Disability and why life is hard. Pay particular attention to the pyramid. Stop perpetuating that shit, yo.

  10. Here’s a drawing of my hero, Laverne Cox, being a hero.

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